XAVI Final X Emblem

Xavi Active is an emerging luxury British athleisure, swim and resort brand. We have designed a capsule collection of interchangeable, versatile and luxe investment pieces that offer style, performance and comfort. Our Xavi Femme Collection of swimwear and resort pieces, for the very first time, focuses on modesty and skin coverage preferences without compromising on style and individuality. Each item offers the latest technology and performance fabrics and finishes, and is impeccably constructed all whilst showcasing British-led design at its best. Our athleisure and active collection comprises of separates (crop bra top, crop tops, peplum tops, jackets, short and long leggings, joggers) and jumpsuits.

Our Femme Resort collection includes a range of luxury cover-ups, swimwear, dresses and skirts, which become layering pieces that can be transitioned into any existing wardrobe. This is a multi-purpose range that can be worn for endless pursuits: from gym to swim to yoga to leisure, dressed down or up for any occasion, from day to night. It intends to take the consumer from street urban style to the Riviera. Our ranges are available in monochromatic, neutral and primary colour palettes with accents of metallic and muted shades. This has been elevated by our use of textures, such as lace, crochet, net, gauze and mesh, which ensures our items yield luxury appeal and timeless qualities.

We’ve really pushed the boundaries of athleisure to the mainstream, not just for people with a vested interest in sports, but also for anyone who desires quality clothing that fits with their personal style and performs in line with modern technologies. What’s unique about us as a fashion brand is that we have collaborated with a specialist athletic sportswear manufacturer, so our designs have been met with the exacting expertise an athlete was expect. Every activewear item is swim-proof, antibacterial and UV protective. Delivering style items that are truly functional, durable and comfortable.

My co-founder and myself lived in Dubai for a period of 10 years and appreciate the diversity, modernity and sophistication of the Middle Eastern market, which we have tried to incorporate into our brand identity through international appeal. Whilst at the same time, celebrating and promoting our British heritage and this comes through in our design ethos

A Xavi Active woman is a non-conformist; refusing to compromise and be boxed into conventions and categories but rather draws her own box to realize both her individuality and identity. She is multi-faceted and this is reflected in the contrasting black and white emblem of Xavi, which symbolizes the paradox of purity and darkness. She can be sensual and virtuous, modest but gusty, and classic yet revolutionary all at once. Our collection enables liberation of women in stamping her own authority when expressing herself through the language of clothing.

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